Life is all about patterns. It’s how we survive, past, present, and future (of which the existence is debated, however, a discussion for another day).

It is commonly thought that human patterns change little. You meet someone. You begin to learn their patterns. These patterns allow you to predict actions and reactions. The more time spent observing their patterns allows trust, and a bond to form. Fast forward to some degree, and at this point, the mental pattern prediction model is working effectively. You are intimate. You share things that make you vulnerable. You feel woven.

The years go by, and you continue to operate with the understanding that your pattern predictions are true; or true enough. Something happens. This event doesn’t fit into pattern prediction model. Chaos. Chaos is peering over the parapet of your awareness. Each misalignment between predicted pattern and the observed pattern is creating chaos within you. Is this pattern change good, or not so good? [And by who’s standards I may add].


Patterns change, and patterns are people. Names are just a label for a collection of patterns. The label I possess currently is the same as the one I was gifted at birth. My patterns are not. Patterns change. People change. Labels don’t…but maybe sometimes.

Sometimes you think you know someone.

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