You must not eat from the tree in the centre of the garden, or certainly, you will die. Will the serpent influence you? Will you succumb? You know this is surely wrong, but the urge is too strong.

You succumb to this wrong, the urge, it was too strong, and now you lie naked and exposed; conscious.

Dear Adam,

Some things are forbidden, you know this to be true. Why then must thou eat from the centre of the garden? Surely, you understood this truth. Now you lie covered, awaiting retribution.

You knew this to be wrong, the same as you also know seeking her to be wrong. Her purity, a magnetic pull to drink at the river’s edge.

Contain yourself, for you wish not to live untrue. Do not drink from this river as you will surely live untrue. This ripe fruit is forbidden. They say history repeats itself- do not follow through.

Kind regards,


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