Mindset matters.

The thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that you possess toward a task, objective or goal subconsciously influence the outcome of that event.

If you begin a task with the mindset that you will not succeed or that you are not good enough, these thoughts will influence the degree of effort you apply, and the level of pain and suffering you are willing to endure. Furthermore, your mindset also affects how you perceive events and then dictates how you react (or don’t react) to them; this has a compounding effect on your mindset and in turn your character.

There are two types of mindsets, a fixed mindset, and a growth mindset. I learned about these in the book Mindset: Changing the way you think to fulfill your potential, authored by Dr. Carol Dweck.

fixed mindset is when someone believes that their intellect, traits, and skills are fixed. They believe they cannot be improved, and they endevour to always appear intelligent and to avoid appearing dumb. This mindset results in people only undertaking tasks where they are confident they will succeed and avoiding things where they may fail.

growth mindset is when someone believes that their traits, character, skills, and intellect are not fixed and that they can improve every aspect of themselves through effort and persistence (discipline).

If you approach a task with a fixed mindset, when you experience setbacks and failures (which you will) you will become demotivated and you will begin to believe that you cannot succeed. Your mind becomes populated with thoughts of not being good enough, negativity and despair. You perceive challenges, setbacks, and failures as confirmations of your fixed level of skill, intelligence, and character. This mindset produces exponentially mediocre results.

However, by approaching a task with a growth mindset, when you inevitably experience challenges, setbacks, and failures, you know that to succeed you must persist in the face of adversity…you must ‘lean in’. Adversity drives you forward as you understand that the path to mastery is a persistent effort…so you dig in and push harder. This is the mindset of top-formers in any discipline. Nothing was ever achieved by giving up.

You gotta decide, are you a Wolf or are you a sheep?

One thought on “Mindset matters.

  1. Negative brain can develop after being put/let down time after time. You stop striving to achieve & start tredding water.
    Dont give up, but you feel like it every day as soon as you open your eyes.
    Have your pity party, its ok to feel sorry for yourself for a short period but dont let it go on for too long.
    Everybody needs a purpose to get out of bed. Ask yourself what’s my purpose when the party finishes???
    Great write up…


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