Goals = Awareness.

Each day begins with a blank page in our partially filled book, and the direction of our story is dictated by each passing moment. The things on which our awareness rests create a subconscious filter within our brain, sorting through all relevant and non-relevant stimuli. For example, if we value kindness and strength, we are more likely to observe these traits in others. If we value money, career success and accumulating material wealth then we are more likely to find opportunities to strive toward these things in each moment of our life. Moreover, if we do not value ethics and compassion whilst simultaneously valuing wealth and excess, we are more likely to observe opportunities to pursue these ends through unvirtuous means.

The stimuli that you consciously feed your brain and the stimuli that are fed to your brain without your consent colour every moment of your existence. You are what you eat, so eat well. Choose carefully what you expose yourself to as these things subconsciously dictate the words that are etched onto each page in the book of your life.

Take back your neurology and program yourself wisely.

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