It’s alright, I understand.

We live in a world of schedules and deadlines, a fictitious creation of humankind. Each day neatly segmented into minutes and hours, each commitment demanding our attention. Rushing all about do all of us go, throughout the day rushing about here and all over is all that we know. Such an uncommon thing is it to stop and breathe, breathe in the fresh air and feel it brush over your skin. What a rarity awareness has become, replaced with destinations and plans, with each passing day the space for flexibility decreases. Anticipation, impatience and future projection consume our every thought, consuming the entirety of our awareness. Quickly do our weeks begin to fill, filling until they begin to spill up and over the brim! What an interesting thing, to be running out of a fictitious thing, what a time to be alive, what a time to live each passing moment in anticipation for the next; seldom do we feel the present before it quickly metamorphoses into the past, a soon distant memory. Work and health consume much our our time, little space left do we have left for someone from the outside. But I guess that’s where priorities lie and right now I lie on the outside.

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