Dogs and Cats.

To consider alternate viewpoints, and what a strange thing it is to be so attracted to a mind wide open; a deep-seated curiosity, supported by healthy scepticism makes for a polished mind. A subtle groan in disbelief prompts inquiry, discussion ensues, and with that, the deep curious fire within me is stoked.

Subtleties are hard to detect in passing conversation, I wish that I had subtitles, as I feel that I have no issue discerning hidden meaning in the written form. Your silhouette acts out such subtleties effortlessly, leaving me scratching my head. Your mind and your lips dance together out of time, I can’t tell in what direction you move; nervousness and excitement are one of the same.

Dogs see the cloth, Cats, they see the thread. It often feels that I am fourteen steps ahead, a deep, natural and automatic analysis adds two and two. I can see the path on the horizon, you just observe the horizon. I think that this duality, this dichotomy is not only beneficial but possibly necessary, for what benefit does an exponential single sided viewpoint offer? Yin and Yang, high and low, google earth and google maps; a perfect synergy.

Time offers all explanations.


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