My inside buzz with excitement when you cross my mind, what a strange thing indeed. A shot of adrenaline, is almost what I feel. I didn’t realise until the little green monster came knockin’, an uncomfortable realisation it was; the realisation that I felt for you more than I anticipated to. How naive of me, how could I not? The treasure that you harbour in your mind is something that I want to continue to discover. Your mind is sharper than a blade, and the way in which you wield your weapon etches your name in my thoughts. A deep respect for you is what rests inside; I’m scared to tell you about how I feel…I’m only human. I feel insecure in your presence, a mere man, flawed and imperfect. A random turn of events, a real coincidence, an alignment of something caused us to be face-to-face. I’m a definite skeptic of the mystical, but the way we fit that I cannot believe to exist.

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