The pedestals on which we place.

When we place others on pedestals we simultaneously devalue ourselves. We place them above us, we tell ourselves that they are above us, they are better than, they are the ‘other’, the exception to the rule. This is a devaluation of ourselves because we are asserting that there isn’t an even playing field, they are more accomplished, more attractive, more muscular and therefore their value is higher. What a self-destructive thought pattern, no? Moreover, this notion contradicts the notion that all human’s have equal value, for if they had equal value, why would be place them on such a pedestal? All Humans hold equal value, although, they may be unequal in capability, however, this does not detract from their inherent value.

All Humans struggle, we all feel pain, joy, sorrow and love.

We all the bleed the same. 

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