Black holes.

Nothing can escape the gravitational pull of self-centeredness; nobody can escape your selfish stranglehold. I watch my comfort and happiness creep toward your event horizon, you are a black hole. Your self-centeredness drags everything inward, never to escape. Your vibrational frequency repels me, an early warning. You must remain at an arm’s length, for if I dare to venture closer once again I will inevitably be swallowed whole.

You can spot a selfish person easily, well, at least most of the time. Be careful of their words and actions, for these speak volumes…this is your early warning system to protect against the destruction in which these people leave behind them. Remember, you should hold your hand out to those who are drowning, but you do not have to drown with them.


3 thoughts on “Black holes.

  1. i loved this piece. i was definitely drawn in. if u would, please take time to view my blog as well..i’m looking to engage with other deep thinkers on pieces. hope u like what u see:)


  2. You claim to be an empathetic vegan “warrior”
    Do you associate these qualities with humans?
    Unfortunately you were born with the mental incapacity to infer the feelings, emotions and thoughts of others, specifically women.
    Also your lack of social awareness
    Projects an inflexible intolerance to people who make effort to be in your space.
    I understand you are trying to express a narrative in which you can not fully comprehend,
    but I would appreciate that you not use a public forum for slander or personal attack especially without assistance of constructive criticism.


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