You are a work of art.

Art is neither good nor bad, it just is. It is a unique creation, unlike anything else that has ever existed. To judge, to compare, you must judge and compare in reference to something. We only know the light because of the dark; we only know the hot because of the cold; we only know the good because of the bad.

We judge ourselves in reference to the culturally propagated image, the ideal body, the ideal woman, the ideal man…the archetype of which you believe to be the epitome. This ideal exists only in your mind, and a different ideal exists in the minds of all others. Haven’t you heard? Everybody likes different things.

You cannot compare artworks, for they are fundamentally not the same. To judge an artwork, a unique creation, is madness. Each person holds a unique ideal for what something should be like, and when each person gazes upon an artwork, each person will experience the same objective entity in a subjective, and unique way. To judge art, to compare art, to judge in reference to the unique ideal that you hold, or to compare two artworks which are not the same, is madness.

Apples and oranges, peaches and plums, don’t compare yourself to anyone because you, you are the only you, you’re the only one. 

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