Life is but a moment.

People often think that success occurs at a singular point in time, as if it were an elevator; a sudden causal event on which all responsibility rests. This can’t be further from the truth. The same can be said for the descent into hell; not a cliff, but a slow descent into fire and brimstone.

Each day we make decisions about how our time is spent, who we subject ourselves to, and whether we choose a job or a career. All of these small individual decisions matter, and they impact to an almost unimaginable degree. What did you do today? How much time did you waste? Was this your ideal day? What would your life look like if this day were repeated for 1 year, 2 years, 10 years? Have you ever stopped to consider how the entirety of your life is directly affected by each individual decision that you make?

Now, don’t fret, your life isn’t over…yet.

There is still time.

Life Diagram.png

Look at this diagram, what do you see? How do your moments stack up? Right now, are you living the kind of life that you want to live? Will you reminisce with regret? unrealised dreams, dates not asked for, people not kissed; a life not well lived?

Fuck that.

You need direction, a goal, something to strive toward. Life is a journey and it’s a matter of loving the process, however, the process involves forward motion; how can you progress toward a way-point that is undefined? How can you go somewhere without knowing the destination? This would only result in aimless meandering.

Get some direction, set a goal, and write it down. 

Once you have defined a destination, direction or goal, you’re ready to march forward; the same as the as a nomadic hunter gatherer who walks toward the oak tree on the horizon of the savanna. Now, with this destination in mind, your end goal, your end point, you can develop a plan of attack…you can construct your days with your destination in mind.

What do you want to achieve today? How does this relate to your end goal?

Watch your thoughts, for what you think, you become. Each moment is but presence, thought, feeling or speech; watch each moment for the thoughts that populate your mind, for these thoughts determine the direction of your life. What you think, you speak. What you speak determines what you do. What you determines your habits. Your habits determine your character, and your character determines your destiny.

Master the moment, observe your thoughts and you will master your life. 

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