**This argument is built on the premise that there is nothing after life**

So, I’ve been thinking…Is it better to exist than to never have existed at all? I’m not exactly sure, but here goes an attempt at figuring it out.

In a state of non-existence, we do not possess the capability to suffer,  nor we do maintain any capacity to experience any sensation, be it pleasure or pain. We do not have to bear the burden of hunger, shelter and constant threat of illness and death; we possess no responsibility. Sure we can’t experience pleasure, love or achievement but the function that causes this also frees us from suffering. It makes me ponder…if the opposite of suffering is to not suffer, and the ultimate goal of most religions is a freeing from suffering in the afterlife, this makes me think that the promised end of religion is death, or simply put, non-existence.

Is it better to experience pleasure and pain, or nothing at all? You decide.


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