The death march.

This is the age of the individual, Instagram, narcissism, butt-implants, materialism and a consumeristic mentally; welcome to the 21st century. We march forward without hesitation, toward a cliff, of which at the bottom, organised Human life does not exist. We’ve turned up the thermostat, we’ve deadbolted the doors from the inside and flushed away the key. The thermostat is broken, it’s stuck on a 4-degree increase; we have nowhere to run, we will melt into our own filth. Is this our own fault, however? In an Exxonmobil world, are we really to blame when the likes of Exxon knew about the impacts of oil on climate in 1977? Is this the beginning of the end? Are we headed for a slow deflation or an abrupt pop?

Is there Human race going to rise to the occasion of collective survival? Or will we sweep our problems under the bed and tell Mother that our room has been cleaned? What will we do when an estimate 100m – 1Bn climate migrants come to our shoes when their homes have been left unliveable? What will we do when extreme drought strikes? The Maldives… they never stood a chance; they will spend their last moments gasping for air, and the only thing left to breathe is a foreign aid budget… they can’t breathe US Dollars, nor can they stand upon democracy to keep us above the salty Indian.

We are fucked.

Our world is so divided; Mr Trump wants to keep those to the south out so bad he is willing to build a wall. But, but what about the health of those within your walled city? What about their education? What about the homeless? Why do you, Mr. President, promote such divisiveness? Why do you not believe in such collective humanity? Can we as Humans truly live in such large groups, or are we 10,000 chickens in a feed-shed, unable to recognise friend from foe, left to our own devices where we peck each other like mad… until we all eventually die. Our lifetime, I suspect, will see some of the most turbulent times of Human history. To overcome these challenges we must rise about our individual selfish desire and think of the collective; we must cooperate and put the collective needs about the individual. What is good for the economy of the Western world, isn’t necessarily good the planet.

What say you, huh? Dare you put the needs of another before yourself, or will you drown in a pool of your own reflection…

The climate is coming, and there’s nowhere to run.

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