Gratitude is a warm coffee on a sleepy Seattle morning; it’s like peeing yourself, “everyone can see it but only you can feel it”. Gratitude lights up your face when you see an aeroplane fly low over your apartment, ready to join its atmospheric friends atop the runway; wow, what an amazing species we are… we’ve engineering metal tubes to propel us through the air. Blessed. Gratitude is that big cheeky grin when you realise how lucky you are; how lucky you are that you’re alive in the most prosperous time in history, surrounded by amazing people and in a career that you love. Gratitude is seeing the silver lining in a seemingly grey situation, seeing the positive in a seemingly net negative; it’s a paradigm shift, a slow dance away from a focus on what your life isn’t, rather than what it is. Gratitude is the best application you could ever install in your mind, it’s the air underneath your wings, lifting you above the clouds… floating. Floating, I’m floating, suspended in a state of pure bliss and it’s because I see that nothing is amiss; my life is whole, independent from the external state of things.

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