Too often do we try and force a square through a circular hole; it is within our nature to bend the world to our will. The writer who tries to force words from his fingers, the teacher who tries to force undivided attention from the pupil with ADHD, the lover who tries to force the beloved to love; a futile game of forcing nature back upon and against herself. For how can a writer force words from his fingers when he know not what to say? How can a teacher force undistracted attention from the pupil with ADHD, for his dopamine does not permit him so? The lover who tries to force the beloved to love, when the beloved cannot control whether they love or do not love? What a futile game we play upon ourselves; we as Humans think that we can control every facet of existence, bending the fabric of reality to our whims, when this is patently untrue.

In order to live congruent with reality, we must learn to accept that some things possess a particular nature, a nature to which cannot be changed nor manipulated to nature to which it is not.


Do not force relationships, for it was called attraction for a reason. Attraction; magnetism, is a force so strong that pulls individuals closer to each other, with no regard to the individuals rationale on the matter. A magnetic attraction wills these individuals to be with each other, a force so powerful that no obstacle will keep them apart. It is for this reason that you must not force relationships, for if they were meant to be the attraction between would hurl you to each other like a mailbox to a tornado; unrelenting, forceful and impossible to fight against. To force a relationship is to go against the nature of the individuals in question; to transgress this nature is to position yourself within direct opposite to the natural order of things. Attraction defies logic, and thus no amount of analysis, comparison or intellectualisation will suffice to generate the magnetic attraction that you desire. Do not try to force a square through a circle, for it will be met with universal opposition.


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