Why living authentically is an effective survival strategy.

The world is a complex and difficult place, especially when you lack a support network. A multitude of things become orders of magnitude times easier to navigate when you have a network of people that you can rely on. You may be thinking, “how does one find and develop this network?”. One word.


That’s right, being yourself. Now, you’ve probably heard the adage “Just be yourself”, and it is true that it’s a cliche, however, I’d argue there is a reason for it’s perceived overuse; it’s true.

“Your vibe attracts your tribe”  – Unknown

You attract what you are, and what you are attracted to what you are. We notice those who are similar to us, haven’t you heard that it takes one to know one? When you’re out for a night on the town, having a conversation with a stranger, and suddenly they name drop your favourite band, hobby or interest, and within an instant, you both become closer. Why? Because they are vibrating at your frequency, and those vibrating on the same frequency vibrate toward each other.

What does this have to do with survival? If it is true that who you are attracts other like-minded people, and it is true that the success of Homo Sapiens can be directly tied with their ability to cooperate, thus it makes sense that it is an effective survival strategy to cooperate with other like-minded people, and this is why authenticity is so critical.

Consider this, if you live in fear of truly embodying who you are, you will be vibrating at a disingenuous frequency, and this is going to attract other disingenuous people. You will attract other Humans who are scared to reveal who they really are; now tell me, does this sound like an effective survival strategy?

Now, let’s invert this; let’s be ourselves. Let’s express what we really feel, let’s be vulnerable. Let’s do what we say, let’s speak up when we disagree, and let’s express our true opinions when asked, or maybe even if you’re not asked, it’s really up to you. Express yourself; express yourself in how you dress, how you dance, how you speak, how you love and how you walk.

When you begin to live in alignment with who you really are, over time something quite peculiar happens… you begin to attract those who are similar to you.

Your tribe are your support network. By living authentically you attract your support network, and your support network supports you and you support your network; it’s a symbiotic relationship. Live authentically, it’s an effective survival strategy.

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