Receiving feedback.

Receiving feedback is difficult; no matter how it’s delivered. Feedback reveals to us our fallibility, our tenderness, it casts a spotlight upon our errors., and this hurts. It hurts because we immediately become self-conscious, and the light of admiration under which we place ourselves, dims slightly. We realise that we weren’t shining as bright as we thought, but that’s okay. It’s okay because failure, errors and missteps are a part of life, they are a part of growth. Error bears gifts of change, change for the better; evolution.

By recognising that we have made errors, and being able to accept that we are fallible are the first steps to improvement. Only once we own the error do we accept that this is in our power to control.

Ownership means responsibility, and responsibility means empowerment

– Elliot Hulse

Empowerment means that you can change your life through changing yourself.


I start with myself. 

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