You are powerful.

You do not respawn.

When you die, there is no more life; your only chance is gone.

Don’t get to your death bed filled with regret. Seize the day, manifest your dreams… what are you waiting for? Why do you not create the life that you desire; are you scared? Why are you scared, you are going to die someday…

You are fearful of failure, fearing something that is an essential component to success; to fail is to move closer to success. To live life in fear of failure is an absurd mindset, as you are fearing the thing that success is composed of, thus you are fearing success itself.

Are you afraid of your own potential greatness?

Success is comprised of hundreds, thousands of individual failures, and with each failure do you begin to learn. Each time you try, you iterate and you make improvements; slowly but surely, with incremental improvement, do you metamorphose into your higher self.

You can achieve your goals, you can realise your dreams; you are the hero in your own story. You can realise your potential by setting a goal, setting an aim, defining a direction; writing down the steps, and then taking action, massive action.

Along the way you will fail, you will stumble, you will bleed and cry, and it will all be worth it. It will transform you into your higher self, the self that vibrates on a higher frequency; the self that offers the world the gifts that it harbours within. Do not fear failure, for failure is a necessary path on the journey of success; you are powerful.


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