Have you ever felt unworthy, like your value is zero? Have you ever been left feeling inadequate upon observing someone who is absolutely killing it? It’s as if a light has been shone directly on your insufficiencies. Me too. And it seems that no matter how hard I run from laziness, the omnipresent dark shadow of insecurity ominously floats behind me; distance separates us, but I feel as if I’ll never outrun it… do you know what I mean? The voice that whispers in my ear words of inadequacy, and they tell me that I’m but a toddler to a giant.

These voices are fuelled by negative energy; they feed off of our fail belief that we must be the best, or we are not worth anything; that we are unworthy of value, unless we bring home the gold medal. Darling, your value is independent of your value; your value is inherent, it is your essence, and you need not contend to maintain it. You are worthy, just because you are alive; you are somebody and you matter. Whether we soar, or whether we sink, never think that you aren’t more, that you aren’t more than what you do or don’t do. Whether we win or lose, whether we’ve loved or lost, we are whole, you are whole. You don’t need to think that you must be to best to possess some value, because my friend, the simple fact is that this belief is patently untrue.

I know within me that my value is innate. I know within me that my true essence, born of liquid gold, flows through me; time to time, I fail to see, I fail to see the liquid gold within me.


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