The Hollow Reverberation.

We Humans are plagued with awareness of self and future. Self-awareness, of our insufficiencies, particularly. An awareness of what is to come, or what is to never reach us… what will never come forth into being. Trepidation and anxiety, served to all Humans on a silver platter; an omnipotent and timeless feast. A feast that will never satiate, a meal that never ends but never fulfils; was this a blessing bestowed upon us, or a curse laid before us? Inescapable, an omnipresent subtle feeling of hollowness. And if you were to knock a reverberation would be heard.

We fleshy beings try to fill the Hollow expanse within with frivolous gratification, but I personally find this to be a fleeting treatment for you cannot escape the void, for the void envelopes all; it is all things, you cannot escape. I feel most alive when I create, when I create connections between long strings of neurons, all of whom have never come to dance in unison. But this is only a distraction from the trepidation and anxiety. A subconscious sleight-of-hand on self, a diversion from the hollow reverberation within self; the resonance of insufficiency can and will be heard until the eternal flame licks the great expanse for the last time.


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