The Feudal Grip.

There once was a princess, a young girl of only eighteen. And she lived in a palace where the grass was green and the trees offered her ripe fruits as she walked by. The palace was a place of provision, of safety, of life and of nourishment; there was just one problem… The princess was never allowed to leave the palace walls for the king and queen feared for her safety, but their forethought for safety had unintended consequences. The princess felt suffocated, she felt constricted, and she dreamed of life outside of the palace walls. She dreamed of what it would be like to live on her own terms, what it would be like to live freely and to make her own choices; she dreamed of becoming a Woman. To leave the walls, to venture out into the world was to her, as summiting everest is to us. She dreamed of life outside of the safe confines of the palace walls, where the next meal was not guaranteed; where she relied entirely on her own two hands to construct the path on which she would walk. She dreamed of independence and autonomy, and she understood that nothing was guaranteed and that she would have to work to maintain herself. But the princess was scared. She was scared, but then she chose to choose; she chose adventure. That night, when the full moon sat juxtaposed against the black expanse, she scaled the wall, leaving royalty behind. She scaled the rope bridge between who she was and who she would become; she scaled the walls of the kingdom. She stood triumphantly atop the wall, glancing back at the palace grounds, and then she jumped; she jumped into the unknown, she jumped into her next adventure. She began her journey of becoming a Woman.

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