The Social Brain.


To grow, the Human animal requires a change of perception, a change of behaviour; our growth is predicated on the ingestion of new ideas, ideas that change our perception, which, in turn, changes our behaviour. We ingest ideas in the form of the media to which we are exposed; Advertisements, television, Netflix, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Books, Magazines, Podcasts, Movies. We ingest ideas from the people that we surround ourselves with; co-workers, friends, family, acquaintances, interest groups. All of these mediums constantly barrage us with information; constant attempts are made at changing our perceptions of things. However, we have learned through our development from Child to Adult, to consciously close ourselves off to influence. We have learned to assert our own will when attempts are being made to influence us. We dig our heels in, we protest and we psychologically reject external influence; a subtle act of rebellion, a declaration and an assertion of self. And in doing this we deny ourselves any chance of adopting new ideas. Why? Because we know best, because to question the presuppositions of our life, the foundations on which our choices, our thinking, and our reasoning is based. To question these presuppositions is to question our reality; our house is built on sand. Our reality is treads the fine line between chaos and order. Once we become aware that we consciously deny ourselves opportunities to learn and to grow, then, and only then, can we begin to grow.


We are now aware that we close our minds as we age, but now what? What is there to be done about the mess we have unintentionally tangled ourselves up into? We can do many things, however, I propose that we access The Social Brain.

The Social Brain.

The Social Brain are those people close to us whose opinions we value, whom we trust and whom we respect; our inner circle. We must harness the collective wisdom and intellect of these people, we must harness The Social Brain to break apart our perceptual structures; we must break down our beliefs, and we must dismantle patterns of thought that no longer serve us. The corrosion of false thought is a catalyst for our own awakening… a rebirth. The Social Brain is but a diamond in the rough for only those who are ready may harness its power. Ready, in the sense, that they are willing to forgo their ego, that they are willing to cast their identity into the fire and flames; that they are willing to submit to the master, the teacher… and once again, become the student. For one cannot learn, they cannot seek the wisdom; they cannot harness the power of The Social Brain unless they are willing to admit that they do not possess all knowledge, nor do they possess all answers. They must admit that they alone are not enough. They require help, and they must seek the assistance of their peers. They must harness the power of The Social Brain.


To access The Social brain we must consult our inner circle; those who truly have our best interests at heart. We must approach them, with minds wide open and submit, we must metaphorically kneel before them and seek their wisdom; their external perspective. The Social Brain sees us for who we are; we cannot hide from them, like we can hide from ourselves. They can see where we miss the mark, where we fall short of the ideal, a power that we seldom possess. The Social Brain offers significant power for those who willingly humble themselves in pursuit of the truth, and in pursuit of their higher selves. Learning to overcome ego, to embrace humility and seek the wisdom of The Social Brain takes practice, however in time you can guarantee that you will reap great reward.

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