Weetbix and sugar,

All my life I believed that I didn’t deserve nutri-grain, that I couldn’t obtain nutri-grain; a childhood spent deprived of such luxuries. I never thought I’d be captain, I never thought I’d rise above. A life spent missing the mark, falling short, the usual story of trauma and unrealised potential. Experiences that shaped me, that made me believe that all that mattered was nutri-grain; all that mattered was becoming captain… that a life was only worthy if one were #1. If only I became the best, then I would be worthy. 5 years of relentless grind saw me overcome, it saw me become captain… I even tasted nutri-grain, lots of it too. But you know what? Sure these things are nice, but they come with a cost. I traded happiness and contentment for enforced discomfort, but for what reason? To what end? As I lay here, immersed in a film I ponder to myself… life isn’t about nutri-grain, it isn’t about being captain and that a life was only worthy if one were #1.  I find the true wealth beneath the common experience; the life commonly lived, the path well tread. I’ve changed and now I see the common experience in a new light, I appreciate the beauty. Life isn’t about nutri-grain, although it is nice. But, for now, I’m content with my weetbix and sugar, bliss.

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