Often we are scared to open ourselves up, living in fear of the day that all good things must come to an end.

I feel exotic like a fruity cocktail; sweet, intoxicating and with one sip… ah! that hits the spot.

Between my toes is finely ground sand, heated to just the perfect temperature; not too hot, not too cold.

Is this a truly refreshing spring divinely placed in a baron desert, or am I suffering delusion, the type that makes a thirsty Man see mirages?

I feel it in my bones, all-consuming. I know duality, what must go up, must come down, but what if I don’t want to come down? What is there to dictate that things must play out this way? Is there anything that can be done?

Is this a season, reason or a lifetime? I yearn to know.

I fear that sensation is all-too consuming, I fear that I am truly seen; I fear the wheels leaving the tarmac.

To risk being seen is a truly courageous endeavour; one may easily overshoot, one may miss the mark and then, just like that, everything goes up in flames. Lucky for me though, I was born in flames, I was raised amongst fire and brimstone; I’m not afraid of the heat.

To lay atop my final resting place with thoughts of regret, now that, that is a pain I would surely avoid more than all the rest.




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