A bit abstract, perhaps too forward-a-thought; mind runs like projector reel, light up this theatre, cos’ life’s but a stage. The sun throws it’s rays through the corner pane; throwin’ shade. The way the sun dances, it’s runs all over the room. Cold are the spaces where the sun doth not shine, like walkin’ round, actin’ fine in the sunshine at a quarter to five. It’s important to not drown your sorrows, breathe, life intended not pleasure but purpose. Sit in discomfort, only then may you find comfort. This life is a trial by fire. How many hot coals will you willingly subject yourself to? Success finds only those who never give up. The journey peels away those who are not serious, those who cannot handle the heat. Watch them as they shrink away, they cannot rise to the occasion, they do not have what it takes. Only the passionate will be allowed through heavens gates; this reserved for those who go all the way. All Charles said, go all the way; otherwise don’t even start. Do it. I’ve discarded the safety net, I may fall. In embracing the possibility of failure and of death, only then can I visualise the future. In life, it’s important to not be too rigid, and this itself renders any 5 year plans immediately antiquated. Life shifts and morphs under you, set a goal, the tide will change no doubt. The world is shifting under you, to stay up-to-date you must pay close attention to each passing moment; it is only in these fleeting moments will you know if your sails are blowing with or against the wind. Don’t try. Feel. Feel. Feel. Without feeling we lose our connection with the world. Too much abstraction will rob you off the wisdom of the present. Theories are but theories, til’ they’re grounded in reality. Anecdotal peer-review, oh what a pleasure, oh how fun! I turn and I sway, like a flower in the wind. I stretch to the sky, reaching high and wide; water me, I’m ready to grow.

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