I’m a pain professional you see. I’ve suffered more than most. Pain is no longer a stranger to me; an old friend. A boot through my door is how he chooses to enter, lifting me up by the throat, pinning me against the wall; pain is back again. With one swift motion pain slams me into the chair, the inertia sends me sliding across the kitchen floor. Positioned inches from my face, pain’s silent screams echo my mind. Hunched over, my head hung low. Pain, my old friend, pain; you’ve come for me again. Pain doesn’t require my address to haunt me, pain finds me wherever I go. He used to frequent every day for years when I was younger; as an adult, pain now sees me a few times a month. The sullen blanket is laid over me once again, the lights dim as I crawl into bed, blankets pulled high. Sometimes all it takes is a glimpse of something that we’ve both shared, something minor, anything really to remind me of you. That inescapable gloomy feeling of loss, of heartbreak, steadfastly creeps on through. Pain, physical or emotional, pain, it hurts just all the same. 

2 thoughts on “pain.

    1. ❤ Thank you.

      I revel in pain, as uncomfortable as it may be; it provides fuel for the fire within, the words on the page.


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