The Exploitation Apologist.

This is a story of the exploitation apologist

Her clothes were too revealing they will say

She chose to be abused they will add

Never once questioning the perpetrator

The victim is always to blame

The exploitation apologist

It’s my personal choice he will say

What an abhorrent collection of sounds

The exploitation apologist

Normalising and excusing the behaviour of others

The screams that do echo

That helpless feeling felt deep inside

She cannot escape her concrete prison

The exploitation apologist says that’s okay

Confined in small spaces, unable to move

The screams that echo during their march toward the end

The exploitation apologist never condemns,

Supporting and spouting it’s my personal choice

All the way until the end

The murder victim that lies lifeless on your plate

The pregnant mother, how she screams when her babies are stolen

The pig trapped in its stall, unable to move

The chickens lying in shit, legs broken from unnatural growth

The exploitation apologist defends this enslavement until the days end

It’s my personal choice the exploitation apologist will say

The victims of assault shout that they beg to differ

But the voiceless cannot be heard

The exploitation apologists apathy is deafening

They’re on their own journey, the apologist will say

It’s not a personal choice if there is a victim, may I add

Exploitation is always wrong, no matter how inconvenient.





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