Healing Trauma

Trauma is stored in the body; past tensions living in the present, held in our fascia, in our muscles and in all surrounding tissue. To heal we must heal both body and mind because everything is connected. The stresses of daily life held in our shoulders, increasing the tension within our bodies, increase the tension in our minds. Those who have experienced trauma, those who have persistent anxiety, these people may have not ever felt truly relaxed, and as such are unable to identify their level of stress, as they are perceiving this as a normal feeling; it’s all they’ve ever known. As such Yoga and meditation must be used in tandem to address this unhealthy storage of trauma and tension in body and mind.

Emotions are stored in the body, e-motion; energy in motion… Trauma creates energy blocks within body and mind, that is to say, energy is being denied it’s freedom of movement throughout the body. To release this stagnant energy we must clear the blockages, the tension, within our body. To know our bodies, to feel every inch of ourselves, and to observe how and where you feel, is to know where you require healing.

I had been storing so much stress and so much stagnant energy in my body and mind that it finally boiled over. I was experiencing asthma from dust, paranoia, and stress, and all this amalgamated into a full-blown panic attack. The Universe then had decided it was time for me to meet a very wise woman. Her words triggered intense emotional release, causing me to cry and in turn releasing tension from within my body. This intense spiritual experience has demanded that I become more involved with my body, and to engage in a daily practice of releasing tension within my body.

The Universe offers us hints and ques that we must grow, and it sometimes offers us situations and events that become a catalyst for permanent growth, for transcendence of self. Such catalysts may be a feeling of disconnectedness, of loneliness and isolation; hinting at your own vibrational frequency. For sometimes the reason that you haven’t found your people, or person, is that the Universe is hinting at you that you need to grow, to raise your vibrational frequency, to attract these people into your life.

A period of solitude and radical self-growth and change is necessary to open the door for the souls you need to vibrate through into your energetic space.

Learning to listen to the queues that the Universe offers, both from within your body and mind, from others and from outside of your body and mind.

Clearing stagnant emotional energy in both body and mind is an integral part of this process. Practising kindness towards yourself is important so that you do not create further trauma, both within self and towards others; kindness towards self is the precursor for kindness towards others.

Our body, mind, environment, and all other people are expressions of the same energy. This is why when we heal ourselves, we begin to heal others. When we heal others, they begin to heal themselves and in turn heal us.

Everything is connected.

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