America is Dead.

America is burning, but it was only a matter of time. The ruthless freight train of neoliberalism has been derailed, if only temporarily. The rampart racism that has become a core value of the American Police Force has been smouldering for some time; smoke could been seen, could be smelled. But now the house is on fire, the embers grown to flames and now the structure is crumbling. The enforced fiction of The United States of America has been put into question; the flag is on fire. The economic conditions set in motion by covid-19 have ignited the frustration, anger and discontent felt by an enormous swathe of the population, only to have a racially motivated murder of an unarmed black man George Floyd douse these embers into a roaring blaze. It is clear that the revolt is here, and I predict that it is here to stay.

What will come of this?

I don’t know if anybody could say for certain. However, it is my view that it appears to be The disenfranchised, the oppressed, the exploited, the marginalised and those left behind vs The Police. The Police of course being the literal (and symbolic) henchmen for the elite whom continue to oppress and to exploit (where are they now?). Radio silence from the oval, it seems. Billionaire interviews now amiss (they’re always there to have their say during times of crisis’).

Could a civil war be on the cards?

During the French Revolution, the people seperated the heads of state from their bodies. The American Civil War came to be over the enslavement of an entire race, and the events of the last few days seem to be scarily analogous to the civil war. The enslavement never went away, it just metamorphosed, its metastasised.

Violence isn’t the answer?

If not violent revolt, then how may the oppressed and ignored be heard? Is rioting their democratic right, else any viable alternatives.

Time will tell.

Revolt. Revolution is now.


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