stones & arrows.

Life is a constant test; stones and arrows rain from the sky, but watch out, if you catch one you might just die. Don’t fret though, it’s not an impossible task; many have dodged skin-splitting projectiles for one hundred years… Just remember to keep your eyes wide open. Awareness of what is is the key to remaining unscatched; with a head tilted towards the sun, you will be aware of what is to come. It’s hard to keep eyes wide open when you’re so tired; a perennial fatigue that never seems to recede. The fatigue that has metamorphosed into a dense alloy, weighing me down; heavy on my heart, heavy on my head.

I’m in a new place now, a new space in which to grow. Life will continue and the sun will shine; water will flow once more, and life will flow. I’ve been struck by stones and arrows which rain from the sky, but now, now I think I’ll be just fine.

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