The Tao.

A river can never flow incorrectly, for its flow is perfect no matter where it decides to go. As water moves down the river, it slides itself down, around and over anything in its way. The rock that lay in its path stands tall and strong in the face of the turbulent force of the river flow, refusing to move; standing tall and strong in defiance.

And with the passage of time, the rock will erode, being shaped ever so slowly. And with enough time, the rock will cease to be a rock, but rather it will have been transformed into sediment, into dust.

As the rock standing proud in the river, similarly, we must also stand tall and and in defiance of death and the atrophy of life.

However, those who stand too tall, stand too strong; stand in fear but not despite of it. They are afraid to flow with the river for they do not know what lies downstream. This is not the way; this is not the Tao.

In life we must move with the river, and we must move with the Tao; for if we stand too tall, we stand in fear, and standing in fear erodes us like a rock in the stream, breaking us down to sediment, eroding us to the dust from which we came.

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