The king, the dragon and the gold.

The city built with walls keeps out intruders and do-gooders alike; watchtowers along the bulwark unable to tell the difference from afar, yet they seek to take no risk. Nobody in, nobody out. The king’s people yearn for the fruits and spoils beyond the city walls, and yet the king refuses and stands tall in spite of opposition, in opposition of the danger beyond; the danger that he had previously confronted, barely making it out alive.

As the weeks rolled on, the king’s people began to stand in courts and proclaim their desire for the spoils of the shadows, willing to risk vulnerability for a better life for all the city’s people. The speeches turned into protests, and eventually the king acquiesced.

The king raised his sword and professed to all who look up from below, “we march forward, the spoils of beyond are within our grasp!”, and with that the crowd roared. On the next day a troop marched forward to the lands cast over by shadow.

They marched and they march until eventually their feet met the cold, dark shadow cast across the land. They continued until they reached the opening for a large cavern, so big you could a thousand year oak inside.

Upon entry the troop was confronted by a huge dragon; a dragon so big its tailed curl around the cave, lining the walls. The heat from its breath was palpable, heating all things to be warm to the touch. This beast was not alone however, for it sat atop a mound of ten-thousand gold coins, so many that they spilled across the cavern forming an enormous throne mound.

“Aha! This is the treasure that we seek men”, the king proclaimed. And like a machine did they rotate, march forth and thrust their swords into the beast; their blades met with a fierce roar and with one fell swoop of the tail, all the men were crushed.

The king stood in awe as the lines of men in front of him were pulverised by the tail and flung against the cavern wall. The sight sent the king running from the cavern, galloping back to the city walls once more.

The king knew this were too dangerous a task, for he had ventured this far before, barely escaping with his life.

I wish it didn’t hurt to open my walls., and I wish I could have ten-thousand gold coins. Ten-thousand gold coins leaves you short changed in pursuit of the pure; in the pursuit of love.

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