above the clouds

Fiery red molten flame exhales the air that fills the balloon, heat rises with the heart; turbulence, don’t wanna tumble to the depths. Inhale, exhale; I rise again. Afraid of the heights, how far can I go? My hot air balloon has room for two, wow what a view. Drifting above the clouds with someone like you

It takes courage to go to the highest heights, for the fall is always more greater and yet you must learn to conquer fear; your ancestors didn’t die for you to give up here – what are you afraid of? If you stay on the earth’s surface you will remain base, you will remain stuck in that place. The highest highs are an all encompassing ecstasy; light will shine through your eyes and you will speak magic words. And it will be good. Rise above the clouds, reach for the stars and you might find one that sparkles just as bright as you, too.

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