2020 – helluva’ year.

I’m feeling the low grade depression; the corona got me unravelling,

The future is bleak – economic depression,

Socioeconomic suffering hidden from the public eye,

It’s crazy that the abstract concept of an economy can afflict,

So much damage in reality,

People out of work – locked up inside,

For the best – I guess, for the best but,

It don’t mean that we suffer any less,

It’s crazy how much we depend on our externalities as means to cope,

I mean it’s no surprise really; we’re biological beings, we are material,

Things outside of us affect the inside of us,

Inside us causes affect outside of us, too.

I miss the gym, I miss yoga;

I miss live music, I miss eating out with my friends,

I miss dancing and I miss a packed lecture theatre,

I miss work, too; who would’ve thought –

That I could possibly miss particpation in structured,

Routine execution of processes for a company,

In exchange for a dollar or two, damn;

2020 is a helluva’ year, 2020 broke me, just like you, too.

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