And with courageous bravery the hero steps outside the protective armour; outside the city walls,

In a new city, only 10 months ago, and yet I continue to lay my roots. Each connection worth its weight in gold, and yet, I still chose to fold.

Cannot be friends, is what she did say; I understood. And with that understanding did my being fracture in two, for friendship is that which burns bright, that which illuminates the night. No matter how dark the dawn, no matter how chaotic the storm, the bright light stands tall in the night; the bright light heeds the sirens call, the bright light receives me in my fall…

Broken hearted man sprawled out across the bed that lay atop the bedroom floor; the man who did the breaking breaks in two. The man who did the breaking can’t stand to lose you, and yet he must, for it is unfair on you.

I feel so hurt, I feel so sad. There is nothing but pain, and I yearn for sleep; I yearn for the comfort of the numb slumber. Dissolve me.

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