Seeing things through

In love, we strive for the best; in love, we are taken to the test,

The test of what we’re made of, the manifestation of what we’re afraid of, when the conscious and unconcious forces collide; how you truly feel, it cannot hide.

I know security and stability are of high esteem, regarded by many,

And yet deep within, I know I yearn for more,

That spark, that fire, that… something.

I wish I could feel satisfied at the press of a button; I wish I could feel relaxed and that be enough…

But the romantic pull must exist, if it is such that we will resist,

The temptation of love starvation,

An unwilling action, confused and self-defeating; and yet, my feelings do not lie,

My feelings cannot hide, because calm and safe aren’t enough,

I need to feel that I am in passionate love

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