There is nothing beyond what you require; you need not more than is sufficient.

Life is restless. We fidget, move and yearn for activity, for stimulation beyond right now… beyond the enveloping sensation of the present moment. There is something to be said about taking the necessary repeatable steps of self-care, introspection, financial stability… However, after that, what else is there? Yes, you may pursue a noble goal and receive the necessary dopaminergic hit, and yes this may take the form of a superordinate goal, bigger than oneself. And yet, if the decisions we make and the actions we take are effective and are aimed toward the ideal, toward a configuration that is sustainability across time, we still have time remaining; we still have moments where nothing need be done other than to sit. A peaceful, purposeful and stable life is but a recipe: family and friends, financial stability, something to do with your time (a career, perhaps), social status (usually a biproduct of taking the necessary steps towards being a functional being across time); health, mindfulness, and leisure. You do not need to change the world, nor do you need to make a ten-million dollars; you need only to tend to the critical aspects that regulate your psychophysiological functions across time, and that also positively affect your friends, family and community; in a word – sustainable. Our culture leads us to believe that we must strive for fame, acclaim, award and reward, and yet billionaires still feel the grip of loneliness, actors the tragedy of death, monarchs the pain of illness, and digital influencers the nagging feeling of unworthiness and doubt.

In short, take care of your mind, body, friendships, family, finances, passion and purpose, and you will require nothing else. The feeling of stillness, the enveloping experience of intimate relation with mindfulness… a conscious awareness; this is the reward, this is the end… if it can be called an end at all. Perhaps, rather a state of being, as if it is all there is, as if everything merely appears within it; this single unifying experience… this non-dualistic space in which the world exists. Its energy permeates all things. Moving like the tide, flowing like a river. We open ourselves and receive its ebb and flow; we allow it to colour our mind and move us to and fro. When we are closed, we exist in defiance to this omniscient energy… we stand against the natural flow of the universe, the world, of life.

Openness to sensation and to experience through the portal of the senses, this is how we connect with the god-head… this is how we feel the true power of the cosmos. Breathe, be still… my child.

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