The rhythm of life, the inhalation and exhalation of all things permeates all. The sun, the moon, and the tides, too; life and death, waking up and then being laid to rest. Relations between us, the intimacy that we share, that we shared. Intimacy; closeness: emotionally, physically, mentally. Intimacy waxes and wanes as if life were breathing throughout the union between lovers. Expansion and contraction, rise and fall, push and pull; smiles and tears. Soft words spoken atop the pillow, eyes gazing, locked in a trance; feelings change, pull away, smiles fade… sitting on the floor, tears, gravity; cheek. Memories made, memories fade. Coincidence coincides an ex-lovers embrace, turn face, touch waist, goodbyes and smiley face. Gone: impression made, life changed. Another day, another place, another face, another waist; hoping for a resting place, a waist to grip, a soul to stand still in the storm, and yet, I do not require, for this fire rages on inside me, alone; a flame that burns bright, a soul that is gripped tight, embraced… by itself. Embers to share for another flame that burns bright, too… I want to burn brighter, too.

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