Positive Resonance.

Uncertainly certain that something was amiss, certainly certain that I was remiss; set your house in order and you too can feel bliss. Stand up straight with your shoulders back, and clean up your room. Tend to that which you have neglected, and shine a light on the dark corners of your being and illuminate the darkness. Daily repeated action sends ripples through your life, and the lives of those connected to you. Do not underestimate the reverberation that your daily pursuit towards your higher self has on the world… do not estimate the importance that your daily repeated actions has on the world. They matter.

Each action on each day is a foot in front of the other, moving upwards, struggling towards your ideal. You will sweat and it will be difficult, but you can do it, it is possible. And one day you will look around and the trees will glimmer, people will smile back and they will see depths of being, an unfathomable sparkling of your soul shining through the portals to your soul. You never arrive, but the journey becomes better; the sun shines brighter and the birds will sing your name.

Life is a problem, yes, but you’re the solution: you’re the golden tool.

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