Category of one.

Competition is a silly business. Joining a category of many, standardisation of rules and aims, and let the gladiators do battle, trade blows, fatten balance sheets and crash equity prices. Nay, I disagree; what a pointless game: why compete? Why not create your own category and be the sole player, in a category of one you have no competition, and it is impossible to compare, steal or copy.

Trying to be like everyone else is an attempt to play a standardised social game, with defined rules, expectations, goals, and so on. Complete uninhibited expression of self is necessary for novel category creation. Nobody can think, feel, move, love, create, analyse and speak the way you can, like you do. Nobody has your biology, personality, exact sequential set of experiences, friends, family, resources, and physical and cognitive characteristics like you do; you’re already in a category of one, nobody can compete: you are the sole player. You are player 1, in a category of one, you have won without a single competition, you are unique, novel and impossible to copy.

Trying to play the game everyone else is a losing pursuit, although you have to abide by fundamental social rules to ensure cooperation, however, you do not have to do as they do for most things, you can be you. Dance, move, love, speak, think, feel like you want to, and everyone else should, too; you do you, you’re novel, unique and impossible to compare to. Create your own category through uninhibited expression of self.

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