I’m tired of being humble.

When we have been dragged into the depths of hell, people will lend an ear and a shoulder and nobody will speak a word. As soon as you conquer a mountain and raise a trophy, now others see you differently. They project their own inadequacies onto you and try and cut you off at the knees. Humans are wired for emotional expression or we do not feel free; we feel congested and emotionally trapped. I’m tired of being humble: I’ve put in the work, day in day out for 7 years; why can I not express my positive emotion, self-admiration and self-love? Nobody would speak a word if my expressions were self-deprecating, so why do words of self-appreciation and recognition pierce the souls of others? Why not enjoy and be happy for their success?

My success is not your failure. And if it wasn’t for incredibly successful people in my life, I wouldn’t’ve been so inspired to create the life of my dreams and pushed for these heights. I’m tired of being humble, I deserve to express how I feel.

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