Getting hit for six.

Have you ever just been hit for six? You know, like in cricket… but not in cricket? Like your life force just left your body and went walkabout; like your chin snapped around and right back: knock out. The most ordinary of circumstances, energised with something. That something that really leaves you feeling hit for 6, like you just scored the game winning goal, like you’ve just saved the day. That overwhelming feeling, the sense that you did good, or that good did something to you.

Shieeeet. It’s just like that, huh? Gut punch, feels like a gutter-stomp: that’s the rollercoaster of emotions, baby. And yet, nothing material has come to be. It’s all in your head, or heart; nonetheless, you’re making no sense. Present tense, gotta stay here and now, but. But, you feel yourself being whisked away, caught off guard.

Scramble thoughts, scrambled eggs… is there really a difference? Action no action, Wu Wei, just like Lao Tzu said. Presence in the present tense: a present for a reason. Breathe.

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