Till the soil.

A house doesn’t build itself, no matter how much you envision. But only a plot of land until you till the soil, until you lay foundation, til’ you sweat and toil. Curiosity and imagination are powerful forces: laying waste to nations and raising populations from the depths, but alone, they are not enough. You must feel the pain in your knees, the tension in your neck, your back; you reap only what you sow.

The wise man sows seeds of fortune into tilled soil, continually tending to the needs of this new life, nurturing and supporting… one day he will reap. The fool does not prepare, does not tend to; the fool sits, hopes, imagines and intellectually engages. And yet, he does not act. Action precipitates substance, and action is affected by circumstance: circumstance by preparation, and preparation by imagination, by curiosity.

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