To live, is to die.

You can’t begin to live until you’re not afraid to die,

You must burn who you are to become who you may be,

You have to leap in order to fly;

a leap of faith, and I hope you’ll catch me.

A guarded heart is one that cannot feel,

A guarded heart is no heart at all: it is not real;

a real heart is one that can feel, one that can be

stolen… or steal.

Feeling requires us to open, and this inherently is risky. Trauma hardens our hearts and makes us less sensitive to negative emotion… but also to positive emotion. We become so riddled with fear that we are (unless conscious effort is applied) to open ourselves up and risk the pain, to risk a repeat of the last time. But what kind of life is that? It is the life of the sad old drunk at the bar, the old woman at the bus stop; the traumatised teenager in the classroom.

To love is to live; live your life in love and your days will shine bright. You will experience pain and disappointment, yes, but you will also experience ecstasy, joy and stratospheric elation.

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