The hero’s journey.

All the world’s a stage: complex characters having continual entrances and exits. Some scripts, simple and uninviting, yet the characters are constant, such that you can expect similar behaviour throughout scenes. There is no mystery there. Some scripts jump off of the page and burn themselves into your mind. These characters force you to the edge of your seat, half trembling with anticipation and half shaking in fear: what will happen next? The unknown nature of these, those who have darkness, intrigue, and chaos in their past: these are the ones that draw your attention. And yet, those who do not still draw your attention, rather, just in a different way. They seem to always arrive just on time, providing support and assistance; bandaging wounds and providing supplies, both in material, action and emotion. All characters play their part in the drama of life; entrances and exits, masks, shadows, flowers and blades.

What say you of your script: of your life? Would you want to read your script? You are the hero of your story; the world exists through your perspective, and the whole world is following you. Will you bend in the face of difficulty or will you rise above? Will you cast aspersions, lay blame and inflict pain on those undeserving, or will you, like Mother Theresa heal and nurture the broken back to health? How would you expect the main character, the protagonist, to behave? Will they act weak of character; will they squander opportunity and make excuses?

Your life is your life, do not end it in regret. As you lay dying, what don’t do will hurt more than what you did do. Choose wisely; act responsibly.

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