The Tides of Life.

Life is breath, and breath is flux; in, out – forever undulating, well at least until the last breath of life is breathed. To live is to change, literally. The universe is and always has been falling apart; entropy. True in relationships, too. Expectations are artificial, for how can you impose rigidity and structure on a something that cracks concrete, rusts steel and destroys civilisations? Our expectations are really attachments to a particular outcome that we believe is necessary for our happiness, but the actions of others will never provide us lasting happiness, for this must be self-generated. If you can develop a self-rejuvenating and self-sustaining sense of self irrespective to the behaviour of others (as long as your fundamental basic human need are being met), then you will self-generate fulfillment, happiness, and peace.

It matters not who comes and goes, as long as you stay true to the self inside. You can stand alone and feel proud, seperate from the crowd; you need not the validation and approval of others. This peace is the stability upon which you stand, unperturbed. Do not cause a ruckus and throw things about when others act contrary to expectation, for it was always destined to be this way, you just weren’t privy to it.

Life is an ocean, and we are all waves. Up and down, in and out; inhale, exhale – this is the essence of life. Resist the force of the ocean and you will surely drown; ride the peaks and troughs of the wave, this is what it means to surf the tides of life.

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