Tender hearts break easily

Why do we open our hearts up when the most likely outcome is pain and suffering? Why do I choose this path, over and over and over and over… have I not learned my lesson… will I ever?

Tender hearts break easily, porcelain falls, accidentally, ricocheting off of the tiles; ’twas but an accident, a misstep – perhaps. Hurts nonetheless, and difficult to replace. Maybe you can repair it, but there will always be visible damage and impaired structural integrity. Love rips hearts into pieces… time and space puts them back together, but only love will restore its structural integrity.

Heartbreak is sudden and abrupt; uncertainty is slow and drawn out, ultimately crescendoing to full fledged heartbreak. And now we roll downhill, and it’s going to hurt. You can bet the sticks and stones will break your bones. But, you will be ok, it’s just gonna hurt.

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