Where to meow?

Cats belong to no one. They venture beyond the garden, scaling walls, starting brawls and selectively show affection to strangers. They are fed and have their thirst quenched by a human or two, and they may even claim a room, too – but they belong to no one, they merely stop by to visit. Cats are free agents – unshackled: free from the chains of servitude and bondage. They come and go as they please, and they live life on their own terms – they are entrepreneurs by nature, albeit shady. They establish domestic ponzi schemes, recruiting from backdoor to window, all down the street. Anytime of day they may come knocking, aloof, and without neediness, for what do they need – their needs are already met, you’re just a backup.

Cats embody the essence of self-sufficiency, self-determination and emotional stability. If you transgress their boundaries they are bound to take a swipe; if you refuse affection, they will move on – close your door and they will be gone. Cats know what they want, how they want it, and they know how to get it. Should we aim to be a little more like a cat, too? Should our boundaries be enforced with a swipe, should we be self-sufficient, self-determined and emotionally stable – emotionally dependent on only ourselves? It’s an interesting concept, no doubt, but cats are not social creatures like we.

Where to meow? I don’t know, I feel ruff, but it’s ok cos’ cats are tuff.

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