my rage.

Buried 10,000 fathoms deep, a cage sunken down full of venom and rage, sometimes rises to the surface and unleashes itself onto the world. It cares not what stands in its path, for it is a one eyed monster – it wants blood, and it wants it now. It wants to rip doors off hinges and smash tables, and yet, it is weak. Shaking in the knees, scared of the future, scared of its position and the implications of the world’s daily ammunition. This rage, it is all consuming; this venom, it is deadly. It only consumes when it feels threatened, when it feels worried – when it feels sad. Slowly the pressure builds until it explodes, and explodes it does; atomic. Deep breaths, physical exhaustion, and the touch of a goddess are the only things that defeat this foe; they are the only things with the power to cage and sink this anchor. And this fire must be drowned; it must be doused before it engulfs the village… before it devours my soul.

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