Sensory sensations.

Sensory sensations arising in my conscious awareness, reverberating throughout my field of awareness, infusing with my psychophysiology. All consuming, immersive and overwhelming, this is better than its opposite – thought, thinking, words and grammatical forms. Dip my toes in your waters, my feet pressed on your sands; my lips drinking from your vanilla chai soul. My lungs filled with your fragrance, my skin lathered in your serum, and my belly full with your delights. My body moves in sync with yours, my ears hear the same chorus. Wrapped in your silk I roll, snore and splay myself over your domain; our slumber is where our minds play – where our inhibitions released and sweet words spoken with unconscious intent, where our true desires are made conspicuous. Driving down the esplanade with you, the wind licking our faces and running its fingers through our hair; this is an adventure – an indulgence of the senses. I love this.

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